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Tim, Year 8

I love that Chase is a small school because it means it is easy to meet good friends and nice people. The teachers always have time to help me when I need it, and the lessons are easy to follow because of this.

The teachers all make me want to learn.

They make every lesson fun, and I look forward to all of them. All the teachers are so nice and they always have time for me.

I’ve made lots of progress in every subject since I joined Chase. As an example, the only French I knew after Primary was how to say “Hello”, I couldn’t even do basic counting. Now I’m getting good grades and can have semi-confident conversations in French. It’s like this in most subjects, I’ve learnt so much, and will definitely learn a whole lot more over the years!

When it comes to passport targets the most notable things I’ve been doing is participating in many of the main House Competitions at the end of the terms, including: ‘Chase Has Got Talent’. I also like to do many other activities across the school, signing up for many things, such as Public Speaking in Year 8.

My favourite thing about Chase is the atmosphere. Everyone I’ve met is so nice, even in other year groups. I’ve made friends across the entire school. I’ve loved my time at Chase so far, and now that my younger brother will be coming this September, I have a good feeling he’ll have a great time too!