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Damon, Year 13

I am a boarder, which was challenging at first. It’s a different country and there are a lot of things you have to get used to. But I’m now really comfortable in the lifestyle. Boarding helps you to be -independent. I learned a lot from my teachers and my peers and my neighbours.

We have small classes with a variety of subjects we can choose from.

There’s something for everyone. It’s been a life-changing experience for me.

My favourite thing about this school is the size. My previous school was huge, with massive classes, I didn’t really feel a part of it.  In smaller classes you really feel a sense of community and teachers can offer more of a supporting role. You know your peers and your teachers.

I’m currently studying Physics, Psychology and Geography at A-Level and my favourite subject is geography, it widens my view. You learn about different cities and the environment.

It’ always good try new things, being in a boarding school in a different country helps you grow very quickly and shapes you as a person.

The school did a great job during the pandemic, keeping students in a bubble to contain transmission. There are systems in place to keep us safe and it’s reassuring.

The school offers a wide range of activities, weekend trips to English cities including: Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London. There are also relaxing activities such as canoeing and picnics.