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School History - Independent School in Staffordshire

We celebrated our 140th anniversary in 2019. The story of Chase Grammar begins in the nineteenth century, and it is an extraordinary tale of growth and development to the modern, international school that we are today. As we look to the future, we continue to respond to opportunities to improve the educational and pastoral experience of all our students.

A Brief History

1879Primary Origins
There has been a school on the current site since 1879, when the Sisters of the Holy Rosary opened the Convent School.
1979Expansion to Secondary
For the school's centenary, parents enabled the school to expand further and open up to students aged 11-16. The school was renamed Lyncroft House School.
1996International Students    
In 1996, under new ownership, the school started to run courses for international students and built a strong reputation as an international study centre and boarding school, recruiting students from around the world.

Further Development
The school changed it name to Chase Academy and opened a Sixth Form Centre, encouraging day students to stay until age 18 for the new A-Level programme. Initially spread across three campuses in South Staffordshire, the school undertook an expansion at its central site, purchasing land and properties as they became available adjacent to the school. Over a ten year period the school doubled in physical size, specialist facilities were added and all the boarding was brought into one place, creating a focused and special community
2012Chase Grammar School
The school's name caused confusion as state-funded academies swept the country, and so in 2012 the school was renamed Chase Grammar School, to reflect better the school's academic focus.
2014Lee, Tylecote and Parton
Houses were renamed after local people of distinction - Jenny Lee, Frank Tylecote and Vernon Parton. Students designed shields for each house.
2016Lyncroft House
The Prep School was rebranded as Lyncroft House, with its own distinct crest, in 2016.
2019140 Years of Chase Grammar!
2019 marked 140 years of the school's history. Students submitted ideas for a special "Chase 140" crest, with the winning entry pictured below. To Mark the 140th anniversary, a new leadership programme was launched, preparing our students to lead the next chapter of the history of Chase Grammar School.