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Cherry - Cambridge Success

Cambridge Success for Chase Grammar Graduate 

When I was applying to UK boarding schools via a local educational agent in Shenyang, there were several choices. Among them, the ideal choice Chase Grammar. Other schools were too exam-oriented, while my intention was to escape that way of educating in China.

My dream is to become a doctor. Therefore, I chose CGS.

My favourite memory from being at Chase was a biology field trip, which is an imperative part of the A-level assessment. This trip relates theory with practice in real life, which is something that I have never done during my Chinese education.

Without Mr. Salt, my tutor, I would not have accomplished this essential element. Due to personal health reasons then, I could not tolerate the freezing weather at the trip site, so that I considered giving up several times. However, Mr. Salt was always there to give me spiritual support and helped me in every way that he was capable, even finding me a hot water bottle and lending me his coat.

The Chase Passport helped me develop essential skills for university in a pretty interesting way.

The teachers are also outstanding at Chase Grammar. All my teachers provided me with support and resources for my study.

We were made to feel at home, especially during Chinese holidays when Mrs Wu would make a meal. Ah, those really ameliorated my home sickness!

I have recently been accepted to Cambridge University. My dream was, and still is, to become a doctor. Therefore, I will try to get a First on my graduation certificate and then apply to graduate medicine. I believe that as long as I do not give up, I will achieve whatever I want.