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English & EAL

The Faculty of English at Chase Grammar School endeavors to inspire our students to become skilled, passionate communicators through reading, writing, and verbal communication. Our curriculum is tailored to ensure that students explore written and spoken texts from a number of different eras, cultures and genres, widening their understanding of the world.

Our teachers are dedicated to ensuring that students’ learning is engaging and relevant to the world around them, with students’ progress at the heart of everything we do. 

As well as delivering inspirational lessons, the English Faculty aims to enrich the lives of pupils at Chase Grammar School through a range of writing and poetry competitions as well as theatre visits.

Our students have been very successful in a number of national competitions, such as the Young Writers challenges, where our students have been proud to see their own work published alongside exemplary work from students all over the country. Our students have also been successful in the International Schools Association Essay Competition and our sixth form students enter the University of Cambridge’s Gould Prize for Essays in English Literature.

International Students

We are fortunate that we have a thriving international community at Chase Grammar School with students representing 16 countries from across the globe, from Kazakhstan to Vietnam, China to Iran and Thailand. Among these pupils there are those who are effectively fluent (although English is not their first language), and those who need our help to improve their level, promoting language development alongside learning.

Our mission in EAL is to encourage Chase students to think in English, discover how the language be used for successful studies, and thrive by embracing British culture during their time in the U.K.  

Younger students follow an established, differentiated pathway of general English training in reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking – all designed to help pupils reach the necessary level of proficiency to join curriculum English for the GCSE.

At A Level, international students are helped to prove their competency in English by achieving a strong score on the International Language Testing System (IELTS). As an alternative to A Levels, Chase also offers the International Foundation Diploma option, which prepares students for an undergraduate course at a UK or international university.

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