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      Year 5 & 6

      Whilst Year 5 & 6 start and end their day in Lyncroft House Preparatory School their form tutor, they are taught separately by specialist senior school teachers.

      YEar 6 are free to access the Chase Grammar School House Common Rooms allowing them to build a bond with the older senior school children in their houses, some of who may well be in their vertical tutor groups in Year 7 and above.

      Specialise subject teachers are as follows:

      • Mathematics - Mrs Anna Maciag, Head of Mathematics
      • English - Mrs Moira Simpson, Vice Principal
      • Humanities  - Mr Ian Stanier, Dr Huw Clayton, Mr Michael Pearson, Classics, History, Geography
      • Science - Mrs Christine Randall
      • Mandarin - Mr Anthony Liu
      • French - Mrs Sandra Strzelecki
      • Computer & DT - Mrs Sarah Greatrix
      • Art - Mrs Lynn Garbett
      • Music - Mrs Elizabeth Clemence
      • Dance & Drama - Mrs Emma Philpin
      • Games - Mr Stephen Frost
      • Physical Education - Mrs Suzanne Swainston

      The children relish this automony they are given, feeling that they have grown up, yet they are never really very far away from the care and support of the Prep School.



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