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      House System

      All pupils are assigned to one of the three school Houses where they gain valuable experience of collective identity, House Competitions and a variety of events and trips organised with the wider community of the school.


      Tylecote House

      Motto: “With courage we discover”
      House Colours: Silver & Sky Blue
      Frank Tylecote was born in Cannock and became professor of medicine at the University of Manchester. His research was the first to recognise the link between smoking tobacco and lung cancer. Tylecote is located in the old original school building in the centre of the campus. Bedrooms are spacious and all bathrooms were fully renovated in 2016. Brand new kitchens and common rooms were also completed in 2016.


      Parton House

      Motto: “Together we thrive”
      House Colours: Black & White
      Vernon Parton was a mathematician, inventor and chess master. He studied the works of Lewis Carrol and invented Alice Chess. He was also, after his father, Headmaster of Cannock Grammar School. Parton House occupies a series of connected houses which run along Convent Close, the main roadway through the school campus. Rooms were redecorated in 2016 and students like the friendly and quiet atmosphere in the House.


      Lee House

      Motto: “I think therefore I am”
      House Colours: Navy Blue & Fuchsia Pink
      Jennie Lee was the MP for Cannock for 30 years, a secretary of state and instrumental in establishing the Open University. Lee House occupies a series of connected buildings around modern courtyards and gardens by the entrance to the school campus. The large central common room and kitchen is a favourite among students.

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