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      At Lyncroft House Preparatory School we endeavour to take the best elements of traditional teaching, latest innovations in education and technology, combining them to produce an individual programme of study designed around the needs of each and every pupil.

      Well trainied staff are highly experienced in delivering teaching using digital platforms, yet also value the standards of the past, particularly presentation, handwriting, times tables and accuracy in all that a child does.

      We are not bound by the National Curriculum and associated tests, but are able to extract the best of the statutory guidance and supplement it as required in order that our children learn to Think, Discover and Thrive.

      Visit virtually any class at any time and you will see children who are engaged in learning, some with their heads down, some discussing and debating, sometimes you will see children captivated by the stories a teacher tells, and often they are so engaged in a performance or challenge that they do not notice the visitor who has arrived.  

      Teaching uses the best digital resources, including iPADs and our recent investment in RWI for English, Abacus for Maths and Pearson Science has brought learning to life.  

      Outside of the formal environment learning continues in our generous Sports Hall, at the local swimming pool, and at Chase Park.

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