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      UK Admissions

      We understand that deciding on the best educational journey for your child is a hard decision as well as a significant investment and we therefore suggest that you and your child view the school in the first instance.


      The tour

      During the tour you will have the opportunity to view the school, experience lessons and meet the staff and students. At the end of the tour we will discuss next steps including arranging a trial day.


      Trial day

      The trail day enables your child to spend a day in school with their year group to see if it is the right school for them. We will try and arrange a day where the majority of your child's favourite subjects are taught and will allocate a 'buddy' to accompany them during the day. During the trial day, assessments in Mathematics and English will be carried ot as well as informal assessments by subject teachers.

      At the end of the day a meeting will be held with the Principal to discuss how the day went and the next steps.

      Next steps

      If we feel it appropriate, a formal offer in writing will be made and a deposit will be required to secure a place.

      If for any reason we are unabe to offer a place we will notify you in writing.


      For further information or to speak to a member of our admissions team to discuss your individual requirements, please call 01543 501800 or email Miss Kayleigh Sanders at
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