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      Each student is assigned a Tutor who meets with them regularly to review and set challenging targets, discuss their future plans and support them in their academic studies and life at school. The Tutor is also the main contact for the parents with whom they will be regularly in touch.

      The Chase Passport

      At Chase Grammar School we want our students to develop their character in a positive and open-minded way. We therefore celebrate and reward the following characteristics and record evidence of each students' progress in the Chase Passport.

      1. Creativity – developing original ideas that have value
      2. Problem solving – engaging in analytical and critical thinking
      3. Decision making – conducting open-minded review and selection
      4. Leadership – providing vision and direction
      5. Empathy – understanding and celebrating similarities
      6. Global Citizenship – undertaking sustainable and ethical community service
      7. Integrity & Honesty – upholding truth and having strong moral principles
      8. Resilience – persevering through challenges
      9. Collaboration – working with others to achieve greater goals

      Over the course of the school year, students meet with their Tutors to set targets specific to developing these nine characteristics. Following sustained commitment, discussion, self-reflection and presentation of evidence, students will record their progress in their Passport and receive a set of journey stamps. The characteristics may be developed inside or outside school and must demonstrate a wide range of involvement, active participation and improvement.


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