In this Section

      Senior Leadership Team

      Mr Michael Hartland, MA (Cambridge), PGCE, DipMinSt, Principal

      Mrs Moira Simpson, BA (Wolverhampton), MEd (Open), Vice Principal, Head of Lyncroft House

      Mr Richard Baum, BSc (London), Director of Finance and Operations

      Mrs Suzanne Swainston, Assistant Principal - Head of Achievement

      Mr Chris Coupland, Head of Boarding

      Mr Michael Pearson, Head of Enrichment

      Pastoral care

      Mrs Moira Simpson, Designated Safeguarding Lead
      Mrs Lesley Moncada, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 
      Mr Chris Coupland, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
      Mrs Rose Hemmings, School Nurse

      tylecote house

      Miss Lauren Maguire, Housemistress
      Miss Zareena Khan, Assistant Housemistress
      Mr Michael Pearson, Head of House
      Mrs Emily Ngo, Non-Residential Tutor

      parton house

      Mr Ismat Khajavee, Housemaster
      Mrs Dongmei Wu, Assistant Housemistress
      Mr Daniel Ward, Head of House
      Mr Mo Khan, Matron


      Lee House

      Mrs Stacey Xaelani, Head of Boarding and Housemistress
      Mr Jake Atkinson, Residential Tutor
      Mr Keith Downes, Non-Residential Tutor
      Ms Sarah Davis-Haswell, Matron
      Mrs Rachel Dimbleby, Non-Residential Tutor
      Mr Matthew Goodwin, Head of House


      Faculty of English

      Mrs Lisa Kelly, Head of Faculty, English
      Mr Michael Hartland, English
      Mrs Moira Simpson, English
      Ms Nicola Breslin, English
      Mrs Annette Sherratt, English


      Faculty of Mathematics AND Computer science

      Mrs Anna Maciag, Head of Faculty, Mathematics
      Mr Alan Sindrey, Mathematics
      Mr Andy Lee, Mathematics 
      Ms Anna Walters, Mathematics
      Mr John Simpson, Computer Science


      Faculty of Natural & Social Sciences

      Mr Andrew Teviotdale, Head of Faculty, Economics, Business
      Mrs Danielle Beirne, Economics, Business
      Mr Michael Debenham, Physics                                                                                                                          
      Mr Paul Salt, Physics Biology
      Miss Kate Massey, Biology
      Mr Daniel Ward, Chemistry
      Mrs Lesley Moncada, Biology
      Mrs Christine Randall, Biology


      Faculty of Languages

      Miss Sandra Strzelecki,  Head of Faculty, French, Spanish, Italian
      Mrs Nicola Burdett, French
      Mr Keith Downes, German
      Mrs Svetlana Downes, EAL, Russian, Bulgarian
      Mr Anthony Liu, Mandarin
      Mr Richard Gill, Head of EAL
      Mr Paul Bayliss, EAL
      Mr Matthew Goodwin, EAL
      Mr Ismat Khajavee, EAL
      Mrs Stacey Xaelani, EAL
      Miss Zareena Khan, EAL


      Faculty of Humanities

      Dr Huw Clayton, Head of Faculty, History, Religious Studies
      Mr Ian Stanier, History, Religious Studies
      Mr Michael Pearson, Geography
      Mr David Lomax, Geography
      Mr Thomas Wallace, Classics and Religious Studies


      Faculty of Performance & Design
      Physical Education

      Miss Kerry Bason, Head of Faculty, Physical Education
      Mrs Suzanne Swainston, Physical Education
      Mr Stephen Frost, Physical Education
      Miss Lauren Maguire, Physical Education 
      Mr Jake Atkinson, Physical Education


      Mrs Julie Venables, Art
      Mrs Rachel Dimbleby, Art


      Mrs Emma Philpin, Dance, Drama & Theatre Studies
      Mrs Sarah Crane, Dance & Drama


      Mr Nick Stuart, Music
      Mrs Anne Tinsley, Woodwind
      Mr Alexander Williams, Guitar


      Lyncroft House Preparatory School

      Mrs Moira Simpson, Vice Principal, Head of Lyncroft House
      Mrs Lesley Moncada, Head of Juniors
      Mrs Naomi Moncada, Head of EYFS and Infants, Year 1 Teacher
      Mr Nick Stuart, Year 6 Teacher
      Miss Harriet Cooper, Year 5 Teacher

      Mrs Lynn Garbett, Year 3 & 4 Teacher
      Mrs Susan Medley, Year 2 Teacher
      Mrs Jayne Cooper, Reception Teacher
      Mrs Emma Wilson, Nursery Teacher
      Mrs Gail Korzonek, Nursery Assistant & After School Club
      Mrs Suzanne Plant, Adventurers Teacher
      Miss Stacey Hawkins, Adventurers Teacher


      Academic Support

      Mrs Lesley Moncada, Cert Ed, Dip Lit (York), Head of Learning Support (SENDCo)
      Ms Helen Baillie, Science Technician
      Miss Mia Williams, Teaching Assistant
      Miss Molly Medley, Teaching Assistant
      Mrs Mary Lyonette, Teaching Assistant


      Development & Admissions

      Miss Kayleigh Sanders, Admissions Manager
      Mrs Linda Davis, Registrar, Examinations Officer
      Miss Hannah Barnes, Administrative Assistant & Receptionist
      Miss Chloe Hillyard, Administrator


      Business & Finance

      Mr Richard Baum, Director of Finance and Operations
      Mrs Lisa Marlowe, Administrator (Human Resources)
      Miss Georgie Marlowe, Academic Administrator and PA to the Principal 


      Information Technology Support

      Mrs Simona Parker, MSc (Stafford), Network Manager


      Estate Services

      Mr Paul Williams, Maintenance Manager
      Mr Mark Mullarkey, Maintenance, Driver
      Mr Andrew Pugh, Maintenance
      Ms Helen Baillie, Driver


      Catering Services

      Mr Ernesto Di Bartolomeo, Catering Manager & Head Chef
      Mrs Zoe Darlington
      Mrs Alison Henaugh
      Mrs Jo Kelley
      Mrs Anna Thacker
      Mrs Jan Young



      Domestic Services

      Mrs Tracey Marriot, Domestic Supervisor
      Mrs Jo Brandonisio 
      Ms Sandra Bricklebank 
      Miss Joanne Corns 
      Mrs Anne Williscroft
      Mrs Maria Bayliss
      Mrs Anne Capewell
      Mrs Lisa Jones


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