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      History of the School

      There has been a school on the current site since 1879, when the Sisters of the Holy Rosary opened the Convent School. Originally for boys and girls up to the age of 11, the school was very popular with local parents and numbers grew. The original convent buildings were expanded to accepted further classes. 

      For the school’s centenary, parents enabled the school to expand further and open up to students aged 11 – 16. The school was renamed Lyncroft House School.

      In 1996, under new ownership, the school started to run courses for international students and built a strong reputation as an international study centre and boarding school, recruiting students from around the world. 

      The school changed its name to Chase Academy and opened a Sixth Form centre, encouraging day students to stay on until age 18 for the new A Level programme. Initially spread across three campuses in South Staffordshire, the school undertook an expansion at its central site, purchasing land and properties as they became available adjacent to the school. Over a ten year period the school doubled in physical size, specialist facilities were added and all the boarding was brought into one place, creating a focused and special community.

      In 2012 came another name change, to Chase Grammar School, to reflect better the school’s heritage, academic credentials, holistic education model and independence.

      In 2014 the school underwent a rebranding, with a focus on a traditional House system, the main purpose of which being the integration of the community as one all-through school.

      In 2016, the collection of properties now owned by the school, which continues to expand, were connected together in clusters to form Tylecote, Parton and Lee Houses; the original convent building was converted into a Medical Centre; catering services were taken in-house; and the prep school was re-branded as Lyncroft House Preparatory School.

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