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Ethos & Aims

At Chase Grammar School we encourage our students to:

  • Think for themselves & become excellent decision makers
  • Discover a passion for lifelong learning
  • Thrive on the many enriching opportunities available in a happy and caring environment

We will celebrate and reward the following characteristics:

  1. Creativity – developing original ideas that have value
  2. Problem solving – engaging in analytical and critical thinking
  3. Decision making – conducting open-minded review and selection
  4. Leadership – providing vision and direction
  5. Empathy – understanding and celebrating similarities
  6. Global Citizenship – undertaking sustainable and ethical community service
  7. Integrity & Honesty – upholding truth and having strong moral principles
  8. Resilience – persevering through challenges
  9. Collaboration – working with others to achieve greater goals
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"Pupils of all ages are happy and confident individuals who feel well supported by their teachers."

ISI Report, 2017